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What is NKGSB Bank Mobile Banking Application - Quick MOBIL?

NKGSB Quick MOBIL is a mobile application that allows you to access your bank account(s) using a mobile phone or any smart hand held device. You can view account related information, transfer funds, pay bills and recharge your mobile and a lot more using this application.

Who can use NKGSB Quick MOBIL application?

All existing NKGSB Bank customer with a savings/current account can avail the mobile banking facility.

Type of Account Constitution Mode Of Operation
Savings Account Single Self
Joint Either or Survivor
Current Account Single Proprietor
Joint Either or Survivor
Cash Credit Account Single Self
Joint Either or Survivor
Overdraft Account Single Self
Joint Either or Survivor
*Jointly Operated Accounts will not be available for access on Mobile Banking
What are the facilities available on NKGSB Quick MOBIL?

NKGSB Quick MOBIL is very simple to use. Facilities are available like Mini statement, Balance Enquiry, Funds Transfer, Bill payments and Mobile recharges. NKGSB Quick MOBIL also gives you added features like ATM/Branch Locator.

Which versions of handsets support NKGSB Quick MOBIL ?

NKGSB Quick MOBIL is supported on all handsets with the following Operating Systems:

  • iPhone/iPad using iOS 11.0 onwards
  • Android 5.0 onwards

How do I download NKGSB Quick MOBIL?

NKGSB Quick MOBIL can be downloaded from,
- > Google Play Store – For Android devices
- > Apple App store – For Apple devices

How long does it take to download the NKGSB Quick MOBIL application?

The actual download time depends on the speed of GPRS connectivity offered by your mobile operator, but typically less than a minute.

Are there any charges for downloading / activating NKGSB Quick MOBIL?

NKGSB Bank offers NKGSB Quick MOBIL free of charge to its customers. You can download and use this application as and when needed without any charges levied by the Bank.
Your mobile operator may levy charges for GPRS/SMS used. Please check with your operator for details

Can anyone else use my NKGSB Quick MOBIL ?

NKGSB Quick MOBIL is user specific and correlates the customer credentials with the mobile number. Quick MOBIL requires a 6 digit MPIN code that is recognized by the Bank for any transactions via the application.
It is a safe and secure process as the application locks itself on entering three consecutive incorrect PINs. For matters of safety you are requested not to share your NKGSB Quick MOBIL MPIN with anyone. It should be understood that the Bank never asks any Customer to share any banking details through Emails, SMS or Call. NKGSB Bank would never call or ask from the Customer for Mobile Number, Aadhaar Number, Card number, CVV number, CVV2 number, PIN, One Time Password, or Net/Mobile Banking Password details.

What if I delete/uninstall NKGSB Quick MOBIL from my mobile phone by mistake?

You will need to download the application again on your handset. Please refer to the FAQ response for "How to download the NKGSB Quick MOBIL application. "
Please follow the download process depending on the OS of your phone.

Will NKGSB Quick MOBIL have a similar appearance on all phones?

The appearance of NKGSB Quick MOBIL will slightly differ depending upon your phone OS, however its functions and operations will remain the same irrespective of the mobile handset being used.

How to de-register if my phone is lost ?

You can register on your new device with your regular credentials which will automatically de-register the application from the previous device.
Also for safer side in ‘more’ option in ‘settings’ you can click on ‘Registered Devices’, you will get the list of devices on which you were registered, from the list you can de-register your mobile app.
Alternatively contact Customer Service (022-2860 2000) and provide your details to de-register your application from the lost device

What happens when I click on the Login button on the home screen?

In case you have already registered, you will be directed for MPIN confirmation.

I don’t have an active Internet Banking login ID. Can I still use NKGSB Quick MOBIL ?

You can register using your CIF (Customer Information Number) that is mentioned on the first page of the passbook or with debit card details in this case.

What happens when I try to activate NKGSB Quick MOBIL on a handset which does not carry the SIM card of the registered mobile number?

The registration fails in this case, as your registered mobile number is required to activate the application

In which case does the activation process fail?

If the mobile number in the handset does not match with your registered mobile number, then the registration fails.

What is the time taken for the activation process?

Activation takes immediately after successful registration.

If I change the mobile number or the message text in case of IOS phone then will I be able to register for the application?

In case you change the text or the number, the registration fails as this is a security measure to confirm that the customer's mobile number is same as registered with Bank.

I have the registered number's SIM card in my handset still I am getting an error message and the application is not getting registered,
What should I do ?

Please check that the PAN details, Date of Birth etc. input details required are correctly entered while registering through mobile banking application.
And these details are already registered with Bank.

What happens when I click on Login button post successful registration?

You will be asked to enter the MPIN which was set at the time of registration of the application.

I have a dual SIM phone. How do I register NKGSB Quick MOBIL on my phone?

In case you have a dual SIM phone, ensure that both the mobile numbers are registered with the Bank and are active.

What should I keep in mind while setting the MPIN?

You will not be able to set MPIN which is repetitive or sequential in nature (e.g. 111111). Kindly enter unique digits while setting MPIN. System stores upto last 5 MPINs that cannot be reused.

If my debit card is blocked or I don’t have a debit card then will I be able to use the mobile banking application?

In this case, you can use CIF (Customer Information Number) that is mentioned on the first page of the passbook while registering.

What if I get disconnected or my mobile phone switches off while performing a transaction?

You can simply reconnect to NKGSB Quick MOBIL and verify your balance or statement to check if the transaction has been executed and you can check transaction history since the application does not allow incomplete transaction, and you can reprocess the transaction if required.

What if I get an SMS or a call while Using NKGSB Quick MOBIL?

On most handsets, you can answer the call or read the SMS while NKGSB Quick MOBIL continues to run in the background. After you have finished your call, you can resume the application.
However,for certain handsets, you may need to re-open the application and login again. In case the call is extended for a longer duration (beyond 5 minutes) then the application will get logged out and you will have to login again

Can I access NKGSB Quick MOBIL when I am on national roaming?

Yes, as long as you have GPRS activated on your mobile number, subject to availability of the network, you can access NKGSB Quick MOBIL anywhere in India. Please keep in mind that you might be charged special roaming rates for using GPRS

I have entered the MPIN incorrectly, 3 times and message is displayed that ‘Your NKGSB Quick MOBIL application is locked’,
what should I do?

You can use ‘Forgot MPIN’ option and re-register yourself with valid credentials.

In case I have forgotten my MPIN how should I reset the same?

The MPIN can be reset by clicking “Forgot MPIN”, here you will get an option to reset your MPIN.

Why am I not able to reset my MPIN after having changed my mobile number?

If you have not updated the number via Branch then you will not be able to unlock MPIN.
In case you are facing difficulty, then please update your mobile number via Branch and re-try registration

What if I change my mobile handset or change my mobile number?

In case you change your handset, you need to download the application again..
In case you change your mobile number, please register it through Branch and then install the application for the new number.

If I have lost my mobile handset what should I do?

If you have lost your mobile phone then please report the same to Customer Care Service (022-2860 2000) or you can download the application on the new handset in use,
once you register using the current handset, you will be de-registered from the older application.

What if I don’t want to continue using NKGSB Quick MOBIL?

You can de-register by clicking on “more” icon, “settings” and then select option of “de-registration”. You can un-install the application also.

I have formatted my phone, what should I do to activate NKGSB Quick MOBIL application again?

You need to download and install the application and perform the registration process again.

If I add a beneficiary using the mobile application will this get reflected in the internet banking portal also?

Yes, the beneficiary added using the mobile application will be reflected while using internet banking.

Can I use NKGSB Quick MOBIL on two handsets simultaneously?

No, you cannot use NKGSB Quick MOBIL on two handsets simultaneously.

I am a current account customer, can I register to the application?

At present the mobile banking services can be availed by current account customers falling in the following categories:
Sole Proprietorship, partnership firm having any one single or either or survivor mode of operation.

I have 5 current accounts, but all of these accounts are not visible in the mobile application

At present the mobile banking services can be availed by current account customers falling in the following categories:
Sole Proprietorship, partnership firm having any one single or either or survivor mode of operation.

I have savings as well as current account with NKGSB, which of the two will be synchronized to the application?

If you have a current account constitution which is supported by mobile banking services, then both the accounts will be synchronized to the mobile application provided the above criteria meets.

Can I make payments to new beneficiaries?

You can register new beneficiaries on your NKGSB Quick MOBIL. After registration, there is a waiting time (cooling period) of 30 minutes and then you can make payments via NKGSB Quick MOBIL. Newly added beneficiary can perform transactions upto Rs. 25000/- only. Irrespective of his/her actual limit in first 24 hours as a security feature.

Can I use my NKGSB application overseas?

No, it can be used only with in India.

Do I need to register with a specific service provider to avail the GPRS service?


What is CIF?

It is the Customer Information Form (customer number) provided to you by the Bank and is available on the first page of passbook.

How do I log out of the NKGSB Quick MOBIL Application?

There is a logout button available in “more”.

How do I know that no unauthorised payments are made using NKGSB Quick MOBIL?

With NKGSB Quick MOBIL, you initiate and authorise each and every payment that is made from your account by way of OTP (One Time Password).
Remember to log out of the application after you have finished using the application and also don’t share your Cust ID and MPIN with anyone.

How can I pay my bill through the NKGSB Quick MOBIL Application?

After you have logged in, go to the bill payment tab and then you can pay the registered beneficiary.

Are there any charges and transaction limits to the transactions I can perform on NKGSB Quickmobil?

There are no charges at present for NKGSB Quick Mobil service
There is no limit set for fund transfer within customer’s own account

Combined for Internet Banking and Mobile Banking for Fund Transfer within Bank and Outside bank 
NEFT (combined limit) IMPS (combined limit)
Rs.1,00,000/- Per Transaction Rs.50,000/
Rs.1,00,000/- Per Day Rs.1,00,000/-
Is this service available 24x7?

Yes, the service is available 24X7.

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is an electronic method of Presentment and payment of Bills on the Internet. This service is currently available to all NKGSB Bank customers who are registered for Mobile Banking. It enables you to pay bills at any time of the day through the internet. This service basically allows you to view bills of your registered service providers on the Internet. You can schedule your payments by giving authorization to the Bank for making these payments at a later date. Subsequently, the Bank will debit your account for the exact amount that you have indicated to pay to the respective Service Provider

Is online Bill Pay secure?

NKGSB Bank's net banking uses the highest level of encryption possible (i.e.128 bit SSL) for transacting on the net. Your online Bill Pay sessions are encrypted within the banking server and provide you with highest safety level while conducting your transactions.

Do I have to fill in a separate registration form for NKGSB Bank Bill Payment?

No, you don't have to fill in any registration forms for this service. You need to have NKGSB Bank’s ‘QuickMobil’ (mobile banking application) on your mobile. All you need to do is register the Biller to whom you wish to make a payment.

Will I be charged for using this facility?

No, bill payment facility is free for you.

Can I pay from any of my accounts with the Bank?

You can access any of your linked accounts to make your payments. You need to specify the account number while setting up your payment instruction online. Also you should have access to the specified accounts through Mobile Banking.

What bills can I pay using this facility?

You can pay bills for all the billers with whom you have to register your payment details. For added complete list of billers, click on the drop down list under the "Add New Biller" section of the NKGSB Bank Mobile Banking (QuickMobil).

How many billers can I choose to pay using this facility?

There are no restrictions on number of billers that you can register under Pay Bills option provided in Mobile Banking

Will I continue to receive my bill from the biller?

Yes, you will continue to receive your bill from the biller as always as per your arrangement with the biller, even after registering for the service with us.

Can I add, delete or change the biller registered earlier?

Yes, you can add, delete or change the biller registered earlier.

What are the various payment options available for Bill Payment?

You can pay your bills by two ways

  • Auto Pay on the due date
  • Manual Payment
If you have multiple accounts with us, please select the account which should be debited in the case of the Auto pay option.
In case of Manual Payment, the bill payment should be done manually on presentment of the bills. Please schedule or make this payment one day prior to the due date displayed on the screen. For example, if your bill due date falls on 10-04-2018, the payment date will be shown as 09-04-2018. In this case the payment should be made or scheduled to be paid on or before 06-04-2018 as it takes about 2-3 days for your payments to reflect in the biller's account. We request you to make/schedule payments accordingly.

Can I alter my AutoPay instructions once set?

You can alter your AutoPay instructions at any point of time. If you wish to cancel or change a bill scheduled through AutoPay, you may do so for the next pending bill or for all the scheduled bills.

Can I schedule my bill payments on a date of my choice?

Pay Later allows you to set payment instructions for a future date. Please note that AutoPay instructions schedule the payment of your bill on the due date of the bill.
It takes about 2-3 days for your payments to reflect in the biller's account. We request you to make/schedule payments accordingly

When is my scheduled payment processed?

Your scheduled payment is processed in the evening of the specified scheduled date. The payment is sent to the biller on the next working day.

Should the scheduled date be the date on which the payment is actually due?

It is advisable that your scheduled date be at least 3 working days before the due date, since it takes billers a couple of days to update their records with the electronic payment received from NKGSB Bank.

Can I cancel a scheduled payment?

Yes, you can cancel a scheduled payment from the pending payments option under the Bill Payment section of NKGSB Bank Mobile Banking. Please note that scheduled payments cannot be cancelled on due date.

Can I make payments after the due date or can I pay my bill in multiple transactions?

Billers offering the 'View Bill and Pay' payment option do not allow payment after due date. Billers offering the Direct Pay option accept part payments and payments after due-date.

Will I have a confirmation of my payment using this facility?

You are given a reference number for successful payments. Your account statement includes the details of your transaction. You can also check the bill history.

Does the service store my Bill and payment details for future reference?

The Bill Pay service provides archiving facility for the bills paid by you during the last twelve months through this service. NKGSB Bank's Bill Pay service in addition to providing archiving facility also provides an option to generate customized reports for certain payments made by you.

What if a particular bill is not paid by me through this service?

In case you wish to make your payments through cheque or by any other mode to the Biller, the bills are archived so that you can retrieve them at a later stage. You will however continue to receive the e-mail message that a particular bill is overdue and that the payment is to be made. You have the option to delete the bill from the Bill Pay system. In this case, the record of the bill and its payment outside the system shall not be stored in the system.

How will I know that my bills are paid?

There are multiple ways in which you can get to know about the bill payment

  • If your service provider informs their customers about the bill's due dates and payments through SMS, you will receive SMS alerts & emails on your registered email ID.
  • If you are registered for Mobile Banking with NKGSB Bank, you will get SMS alert for every debit /credit transaction hitting your account
  • You can view your account through internet banking also
  • The debits will also reflect in your account statement
What is My Card functionality?

It gives all card details linked to user’s account along with its status and card limits.

How I can block or unblock my card?

  • In case of theft or lost, user can block his card through mobile banking.
  • User able to block or unblock card temporarily or permanently.
  • If card is temporarily blocked by user, then same can reactivated by the user.
  • But if card is blocked permanently, then cannot be reactivated. Fresh application to be given for new card.

How I can activate International usage?

  • VISA Debit cards issued to customers are by default active for International transactions.
  • As an enhanced security, if card holder is not using his/her debit card internationally then he/she can disable his/her card for international usage and only allow the card to be used for domestic transactions

How I can manage card limits?

  • User are allowed to select their debit card transaction limits as per usage of card holder as an added security feature.
  • Slabs for ATM, POS & ECOM limits within standard card limits as mentioned in below table.

Card Variant BIN Usage Limit Profile Applicable Slabs
RuPay Platinum 608113 Domestic RUP_PLAT_1 5000 40000
RUP_PLAT_2 10000 60000
RUP_PLAT_3 15000 80000
RUP_PLAT_4 20000 100000
VISA Classic 413522 Domestic & International VIS_CLS_01 5000 20000
VIS_CLS_02 10000 30000
VIS_CLS_03 12000 40000
VIS_CLS_04 15000 50000
VISA Platinum 413523 Domestic & International VIS_PLAT_1 5000 40000
VIS_PLAT_2 10000 60000
VIS_PLAT_3 15000 80000
VIS_PLAT_4 20000 100000
Can I open TD/RD through mobile banking application?

Yes, user can open TD/RD through mobile banking application and the receipt will have mode of operation as “Self”

In which name the TD/RD will get created?

TD/RD will get created from source a/c which user has selected for debit, in case mode of operation of the account is Either or Survior, and if primary account holder creating TD/RD then it will be in the name of primary account holder. And if secondary holder creating it then it will be in the name of secondary holder.

How can I get the printed receipt?

User can request for printed receipt at his/her home branch, of the branch in which he/she has created the receipt through Mobile banking application. On Creation of TD/RD, user will receive TD/RD Advice also which contains the format of maturity instruction on his/her registered mail ID if user is not having registered email ID then he/she will not receive Advice.

Can I close the receipt prematurely created through Mobile Banking application?

No premature withdrawal allowed through mobile banking application since auto-closure and auto-renewal options are available to user.

Can I give Nominee to TD/RD while creating the same through Mobile Banking application?

While creating TD/RD, by default, Nomination will be “Y” (Yes), user has to select “No” if he/she does not want to give nominee, if user selects “Y” then he/she is expected to fill up all details of nominee. Nominee Registered “Y” gets reflected on Advice as well as on receipt. If user selects “No” then Nominee Registered “N” gets reflected on Advice as well as on receipt.